04 June 2015

The Atonement Academy Men's Schola

The Men's Schola at The Atonement Academy provides chant at our daily Masses, and other music suited to their combination of voices. The formation of the Schola took place some years ago and it came into being through the efforts of the students themselves. There was a growing interest in the traditional chant of the Church, and some of the young men in our Upper School got together on their own time to learn and to practice. What began with an earlier generation of students has been passed on from year to year. All the original members have long since graduated, but they handed things on to successive generations of students. Each year, with the graduation of our seniors, room is made for others to join, and a place in the Schola is seen as a coveted prize.

We won't hear this particular Schola again, because some of these young men are graduating this year. But there are others eager to join, and it's always a joy to hear what a new generation brings!

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