26 February 2015

Learning discipline...

“For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant; later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”  - Hebrews 12:11

I have to admit, as a parent I didn’t always find it easy to discipline my children. No matter how much they seemed to deserve it, I never took pleasure in administering punishment. The old cliché is true: “This will hurt me more than it hurts you…” I never believed it when my father said it, but when I became a father I knew what he meant.

The loving parent knows how important discipline is for the future well-being of a child. It teaches right from wrong. It assigns responsibility and illustrates the inevitability of there being consequences which follow actions. If this is true in our own immediate families, it’s true also in God’s family. It’s true that our own need for discipline saddens the heart of our heavenly Father. And yet, it’s for our eternal good. It helps us to grow in holiness and righteousness.

Therefore, when difficulties present themselves, or when our prayers aren’t answered in the way we think they should have been answered, or when we’re directed in ways which we wouldn’t choose by ourselves, remember this: these things are allowed by our Father who loves us with a depth that is beyond our understanding.