18 September 2014

A Pilgrimage to Spain and France

Our Lady of the Atonement Church has arranged a magnificent pilgrimage to Spain and France, leaving on January 5th 2015, and returning on January 16th 2015.  We will fly first to Madrid, after which we will be visiting Avila, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, León, Burgos, and Loyola.  Crossing into France we will be visiting Toulouse, and then on to the great Marian Shrine of Lourdes.  After visiting Carcassonne we return to Spain, visiting Barcelona and Montserrat.  After a visit to Zaragoza, we return to Madrid for our flight home.

Go to this link to download a complete description of our pilgrimage destinations and other details about the pilgrimage.  We will be celebrating the Mass (Anglican Use) daily, praying in places made holy by countless generations of pilgrims who have gone before us.