04 May 2014

"...their eyes were opened..."

“...He was known to them in the breaking of the bread.” This is the description used by Cleopas and the other disciple after they had encountered the risen Lord Jesus Christ on the way to the village of Emmaus.

These two men had heard the report of the women who had gone to the tomb early on the first day of the week, only to find it empty.  As they were discussing these things, Jesus joined them on the journey and spoke with them, opening up the Scriptures for them.  But even with all that, still they did not recognize Him.  It was only when our Lord blessed and broke bread, just as He had at the Last Supper, that finally "their eyes were opened," and they knew who He was.

Here, then, is a great truth: we can hear others speak of the Lord, we can read the Scriptures and have them interpreted according to the mind of the Church, but the living encounter with the Risen Lord takes place within that Gift which He Himself has given us: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.