20 May 2014

Breathing Catholic Air

An article describing what God is doing at Our Lady of the Atonement Church appears in the Corpus Christi Watershed blog, "Views from the Choir Loft." You can read Part I of the article here.

Here's what Fr. Christopher Smith, a noted scholar in the field of liturgy and liturgical music, has to say:
"What I saw and heard at Our Lady of the Atonement during my all-too-brief visit went far beyond what I had gleaned about the place from other sources. Fr Christopher Phillips has helped to build a tremendous team who have created an atmosphere where the very air you breathe is Catholic! The care for the sacred liturgy and discipleship formation, the school, the music: I recommend to every priest, school principal and church musician that they make a long visit and learn from what they have accomplished there in such a short time. May their tribe increase: floreat atque vivat!"

Read Part I, and I'll post Part II as soon as it is published.