26 May 2014

Breathing Catholic Air - Part 2

"Views from the Choir Loft" is a website about Catholic liturgy and music. Appearing there is a two-part article entitled "An Overview of the Music Program at Our Lady of the Atonement Church and Academy."

You can read Part 1 here. You may go here to read Part 2, and it includes this paragraph as its conclusion:
The sacred music program at Our Lady of the Atonement Church and The Atonement Academy serves as a model for other institutions seeking to train young people in singing the great music of the Church. It owes its success to a number of factors including the support of its pastor, Fr. Christopher Phillips, appropriation of financial resources, a dedicated music faculty and an unbreakable bond between church and school. Other elements include a dedicated rehearsal space, a fine pipe organ and a church with generous acoustics. What is not essential is a school filled with exceptionally talented students. Without question, there are many students who attend The Atonement Academy who possess considerable musical talent. However, most of the students are no different from children in any other school. With the right combination of elements in place, this amazing program can happen anywhere!