14 August 2013

Dedication of the Church

I posted these pictures a few weeks ago, in anticipation of the anniversary of the Dedication of the Church and the Consecration of the High Altar, which took place on the Solemnity of the Assumption in 1987. In case you missed them the first time I posted them, here they are again:

Gathered before the High Altar, to prepare for its Consecration.

Praying the Litany, before the Consecration of the Altar.

The Prayer to Consecrate the Altar.

Placing the Relics of St. Thomas Becket, and Anointing the Altar stone.

The Archbishop giving his personal Rosary to be placed in the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Placing the linens on the newly-consecrated Altar.

Opening the Triptych.

Placing the crucifix and candles at the High Altar.

Celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on the newly-consecrated Altar.

One of the Consecration Crosses