19 July 2013

The Sacred Heart Chapel Altar

The Altar in the Sacred Heart Chapel

On a recent trip from San Antonio to Plano, we went through Hamilton, Texas. There's a pretty little Episcopal church there, St. Mary's. I went there in 1987 because I had heard they were getting rid of the altar that had been in their sanctuary for several years.  They were doing some renovations and the old altar was unsuitable for their plans. When I saw it, I was delighted to get it. It was fairly simple, made of solid oak, with three panels in the front, the center panel having a lovely carved arch.

When I returned with the altar, we used it as our high altar for a time, until we were able to have a larger altar built. It was then moved into the Lady Chapel, where it remained until the construction of our present Sacred Heart Chapel. It is now located there, and is used for our early weekday Masses, and for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from Friday through Sunday each week.

St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Hamilton, Texas