12 July 2013


Where the magnificent Church of Our Lady of the Atonement now stands was once covered with underbrush and trees.  In this thirtieth year since our foundation we will be publishing some of the pictures from the early years, when we were just beginning the construction of our church and school.

We begin with the groundbreaking, which took place on 9 July 1985, with founding members Colonel and Mrs. Robert Joseph turning over the first shovel of earth.  Actually, we were not able to break the ground exactly where the church would stand, but a short distance from where the altar would be, because the land was so densely overgrown.

As we cleared the land, the building site began to take shape, and we could see where the original part of the church would be constructed.

Although the land looked level, it wasn't; therefore, it was necessary to raise the ground level on the east end, where the high altar would stand.

"Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it..."