11 April 2013

The Angel of the Holy Eucharist

"We humbly beseech thee, almighty God, command these offerings to be brought by the hands of thy holy Angel to thine altar on high, in sight of thy divine majesty..."

St. Thomas Aquinas writes, "The priest does not pray that the sacramental species may be borne up to heaven; nor that Christ’s true body may be borne thither, for it does not cease to be there; but he offers this prayer for Christ’s mystical body, which is signified in this sacrament, that the angel standing by at the Divine mysteries may present to God the prayers of both priest and people..." (Summa, III, Q. 83, art. 4, Reply to Obj. 9.)

What a beautiful thought it is that God, in His extravagant generosity, has created an angel whose only task in all of eternity is to bear up to heaven the offering of one particular Mass.