04 March 2013

A tribute to our Pope Emeritus

For those of us of "riper years," it was difficult to get used to having Blessed John Paul II gone from us as our pope. He was the only pope I had known as a Catholic, and I found it emotionally difficult, when saying Mass, to leave his name out of the intercessions and the Canon. Although Benedict's papacy was considerably shorter, I have much the same feeling.

I know many of the students at the Academy find this difficult, too. For lots of them, Benedict is the only pope they really remember. We have a constant rotation of boys serving at the Mass for the students, and when we're having our prayers in the sacristy, at the place where we remember the Pope's intentions, I notice that they seem almost startled when we pass over that part. Of course, it won't be long before the void is once again filled, and we include a prayer for the Cardinal Electors at every Mass.

Anyway, knowing how much the students are missing Benedict, I thought it would be nice if I used that beautiful recording of the Ave Verum sung by the Upper School students, and made it into a tribute to our beloved Pope Emeritus.