23 May 2012

"For Greater Glory" - The Cristiada

I attended a screening of "For Greater Glory," which tells of the Cristiada, the war waged against the oppressive Mexican government in the 1920's by the Cristeros. What a magnificent film...absolutely inspiring! Not only should every Catholic see it for its beautiful testament to our Faith, but every American should see it as a reminder of how precious is our right to religious freedom.

The most haunting line to me: when Plutarco Calles arrogantly says, "The people elected ME!" I've heard that someplace before...

When seeing this movie, understand that it concentrates on the the fighting force within the Cristeros, although certainly there are references to those were every bit as much a part of the movement, but who did not take up arms.

The martyrdom of some of the priests is shown and the amazing depiction of the boy-martyr, Jose Luis Sanchez del Rios, is a major thread throughout the movie, as is the growing faith of General Velarde. But this isn't primarily a "lives of the saints" Catholic film viewed through stained-glass. It's a sobering reminder of the evil of secularism, and the sometimes-brutal requirements of the fight for freedom, especially religious freedom.

Due to be in theaters starting June 1st, I encourage you to see this movie.

¡Viva Cristo Rey!