25 January 2012

A most wonderful blessing...

Yesterday something really wonderful happened right after the students' Mass. A young girl who is in her senior year was baptized. That by itself is tremendous. What makes this particularly special is that she travelled here from China to go to the Atonement Academy Upper School. She found our school by searching on the internet, and made all the arrangements to come to this country -- not an easy process! She was raised with no religion, and when she arrived she didn't speak any English. Now she is getting ready to graduate, speaks fluent English, has done very well academically, and has freely embraced the Catholic faith. Today, she received her first Holy Communion. Her name is Tara (a shortened form of her Chinese name) but she has taken Maria as her baptismal name (after Maria Goretti). What a time to rejoice!

What thrill it was to hear the students of the Upper School, gathered to witness the baptism of their classmate, joining in this prayer from our baptismal rite:

Almighty and everlasting God, heavenly Father, we give thee humble thanks, that thou hast vouchsafed to call us to the knowledge of thy grace, and faith in thee: increase this knowledge, and confirm this faith in us evermore. Give thy Holy Spirit to this thy Servant, that she may be born again, and be made an heir of everlasting salvation; through our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the same Holy Spirit, now and for ever. Amen.