04 June 2011

Another honor for the Academy!

The Atonement Academy 
Completes the Catholic Education Foundation’s
Catholic School Identity Assessment with Distinction

Rochester, NY, May 11, 2011: The Catholic Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the Atonement Academy in San Antonio, Texas, is the first school successfully to complete the Foundation’s Catholic School Identity Assessment (CSIA), exceeding the Foundation’s high standards for promoting excellence in Catholic identity.

Reverend Peter M. J. Stravinskas, Executive Director of the Catholic Education Foundation, congratulated the school: “Through its successful completion of the Catholic School Identity Assessment, The Atonement Academy has demonstrated its commitment to a full expression of its Catholic identity and authentic living out of its mission to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ as understood and taught by the Catholic Church.”

Reverend Christopher Phillips, pastor of Our Lady of the Atonement parish in San Antonio, said, “I am delighted with the Catholic Education Foundation’s assessment of ‘the Catholicity Quotient’ of our school, especially because we view The Atonement Academy as an integral element of our parochial life.” Our Lady of the Atonement was the first canonically-erected Anglican Use parish in the United States. The Catholic School Identity Assessment (CSIA) is an innovative program sponsored by the Catholic Education Foundation to help a Catholic school assess its Catholic identity. A school can choose from three levels of evaluation, depending on the depth of analysis it desires. The goal is to provide the Catholic school a means for self-reflection by its administration, faculty and staff on how each works to support the Catholic identity of the school, and to provide the school with feedback from an independent third party using a standard, objective set of criteria. Because these standards are uniform and objective, the school can measure its progress longitudinally, to chart over the course of years, how well it is adhering to its primary mission. As part of each assessment, Catholic Education Foundation staff offer the school a set of conceptual and concrete recommendations that can be reassessed on a regular basis.  In essence, the CSIA is designed to help Catholic schools create an environment in which Catholic culture thrives and permeates every aspect of the school’s life. The CSIA assists Catholic schools in forming a concrete plan of action for creating this environment, to give glory to God and to help its students love God above all things and their neighbors as themselves.

For more information about the Catholic School Identity Assessment, please visit http://catholiceducationfoundation.com/projects/csia