02 March 2011

Could you help, please?

There's a faithful and hard-working priest who is pouring all his energy into his parish, improving the lives of his people by preaching the Gospel, administering the Sacraments, and providing an education to the local children through the parish school.  His name is Fr. Firas Nassib Aridah, and he needs our help.

We were able to visit Fr. Aridah, and St. Joseph's, Jifna, during our recent parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  We prayed in the church, and then had a full tour of the school.  Father has done a tremendous amount of work to expand what the school is able to offer, but an area needing serious improvement is the facility for the Kindergarten children.  The equipment is old, and the rooms need repairs. 

Life is difficult for the children of Jifna, and their time in school is one of the bright spots in their lives.  Living in the West Bank, just north of Ramallah, these children need a safe place where they can learn and develop into young adults who crave peace, rather than the strife they now experience on a daily basis.

Can you help?  Or perhaps I should ask, "Will you help?"  Our Academy students will be raising money during Lent, which will be sent to Jifna.  It would be terrific if you could help, too.  The total project being done by Fr. Aridah -- which includes fixing plumbing, installing a rest room, replacing bad flooring, purchasing tables and chairs, along with other needed equipment, will cost about $19,000.  Some substantial gifts combined with our students' efforts, could go far in helping to complete this project.  I'm hoping someone out there might feel moved to donation a few thousand dollars, or perhaps a thousand or even five hundred dollars. 

If you can help, please make your check out to The Atonement Academy and mark in the memo that it is for "Jifna."  Send it to the Academy office at 15415 Red Robin Road, San Antonio, Texas 78255.  Every single dollar that comes in will go directly to St. Joseph's School in Jifna.