03 February 2011

A grace-filled day...

On Saturday, February 12th, I will be presenting 104 candidates to be confirmed by Bishop John Yanta, who will be visiting the parish that day. Some of them are adults who have recently made a Profession of Faith, or who had previously "slipped through the cracks." Most of the candidates, however, are children who will, at the same Mass, be receiving their First Holy Communion.

In 2006 we instituted the "restored order of the Sacraments," returning Confirmation to its proper and historic place, before receiving Holy Communion. Children who have reached the age of discretion -- in canon law, considered to be the age of seven -- are eligible to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, followed by First Holy Communion. Their First Confessions are made during the previous week.

Please pray for all those who will be receiving God's grace through these sacraments.