09 November 2010

A great time with the students...

I'm so glad to be taking some time with our students, sharing the experience of being in Washington, D.C. together, celebrating Mass with them, and getting to know them is a setting so different from our day to day life at the school.

We saw lots of Capitol Hill today.  What an inspiring place, with its sense of history and importance.  Of course, Deacon Orr and I commented to one another that we felt particular relieved and safe since Congress isn't in session, and the President is out of the country!

We celebrated Mass at old St. Patrick's Church, which is the oldest Catholic parish in Washington, founded in the 1790's.

The afternoon was spent in and around Arlington Cemetery -- sobering and very moving.

I'll have access to pictures after I return to San Antonio, and I'll post a selection of them so you can see our terrific students having a great time in our nation's capitol.