21 May 2010

¡Viva Cristo Rey!

That's the cry heard before the executioner's bullet found its mark.  With an evil attempt in the 1920's and into the 1930's by Mexico's civil government to eradicate the Catholic Church from the country, the people's response to the persecution was the rising up of the Cristeros - faithful Catholics who would not have their faith ripped away from them.  Most Catholics resisted peacefully, but there also were some who (tragically) felt they had no choice but to take up arms against the government troops.

Of the twenty-five martyrs (who were executed at different times and different states throughout Mexico), twenty-two of them were priests, and three were laymen who were gunned down in their efforts to protect their pastor. Many others died; however, these who were canonized are those who refused to take up arms, but who ministered covertly and illegally to the suffering Catholics of their country.

This is a list of the Holy Martyrs of Mexico who were canonized by Pope John Paul II on 21 May 2000:

St. Cristóbal Magallanes Jara, St. Román Adame Rosales, St. Rodrigo Aguilar Aleman, St. Julio Álvarez Mendoza, St. Luis Batis Sáinz, St. Agustín Caloca Cortés, St. Mateo Correa Magallanes, St. Atilano Cruz Alvarado, St. Miguel De La Mora De La Mora, St. Pedro Esqueda Ramírez, St. Margarito Flores García, St. José Isabel Flores Varela, St. David Galván Bermudes, St. Salvador Lara Puente, St. Pedro de Jesús Maldonado, St. Jesús Méndez Montoya, St. Manuel Morales, St. Justino Orona Madrigal, St. Sabas Reyes Salazar, St. José María Robles Hurtado, St. David Roldán Lara, St. Toribio Romo González, St. Jenaro Sánchez Delgadillo, St. Tranquilino Ubiarco Robles, and St.David Uribe Velasco.