19 November 2008

Such an honor...

Ok, for me this was a real tear-jerker. Last Saturday evening we had a beautiful event which was a fund-raiser for the school, and a very nice night out. When my family and I arrived, it was great to see so many from the parish gathered together for what I thought was just a social evening. Little did I know there was more. I looked on the program and saw something called "Presentation of the Crusader Award." I thought it was some sort of sports presentation, because our teams are all called the Crusaders. It seemed an odd time to make a sports award, but I hadn't organized the evening, so thought no more about it. When I time came, I began to realize there was going to be a presentation to me. And there was... a very moving one. Included as part of the giving of the award was this short video. It meant a lot to me, and I wanted to share it with you.

God is so good.