05 November 2008

All over but the shouting...

So the voting's over and we have a president-elect. Some are dancing in the streets and others are nursing a dull depression. Most everybody is smarter than I am when it comes to foretelling the political ramifications of it all, so I won't even try.

For myself, I am immensely sad because of what this will almost certainly mean for the unborn. I believe that our country -- for better or for worse -- probably got the leader it deserves. But innocent babies don't deserve this, and we've got to redouble our work on their behalf because they didn't vote for this. And I'm going to pray daily for President Obama's conversion to a right understanding of the sanctity of life from the moment of conception. If he could only get that right, an awful lot of other issues would fall into their proper place.

I was reading the National Review today, and saw this in a column by Jim Garaghty. He was writing about the protection of our nation from terrorism, but it sums up my feeling about the pro-life issue during the next four years: "A citizen's 401(k) can eventually return to its former value. A life, once lost, cannot be replaced."