30 August 2008

Washed in the Blood of the Lamb...

There are some great old hymns that always bring a lump to my throat and make me a little misty-eyed. We’ll be singing this one tomorrow after Holy Communion, while we’re all kneeling in adoration of the great Mystery which comes to us:

O Lord, I am not worthy
that thou should’st come to me;
but speak the word of comfort,
my spirit healed shall be.

And humbly I’ll receive thee,
the Bridegroom of my soul;
no more by sin to grieve thee,
or flee thy sweet control.

The Sacrifice is ended,
Atonement has been made,
the Lamb for sinners given,
the ransom full has paid.

Increase my faith, dear Jesus,
in thy Real Presence here;
and make me feel most deeply
that thou to me art near.

O Sacrament most holy,
O Sacrament divine,
all praise and all thanksgiving
be ev’ry moment thine.

It’s favorite of most of the folks who worship here, and I can almost hear the full-throated singing and the rumbling organ now. It makes for one of those unbeatable moments in the worship of Almighty God.