21 April 2008

Your prayers, please

I'm only just beginning to crawl out of my sick bed, after several days of some sort of respiratory/bronchial/"help-I-can't-breathe" nightmare. Of course, for the first several days I was convinced that I'd feel better soon, but when it reached the point where I couldn't say Mass on Saturday morning, I knew it was serious. Fortunately, we've had a visiting priest who's frequently around, so he was able to step in. And step in he had to! I got up on Sunday morning to get ready for the day's Masses, and in no time I was gasping for air, unable to even stand. I went straight back to the rectory, and eventually to one of the medical centers nearby, where they gave me a treatment to open the bronchial tubes so I could at least get some air. Whatever this sickness is, the doctor said it will probably be a couple of weeks before I'm feeling back to normal -- but I do plan on getting back on some sort of partial schedule long before that!

I did manage to see most of the Holy Father's visit, albeit through the haze of coughing and gasping! I'm looking forward to reading the texts of his various talks and homilies.

I'd appreciate your prayers. I don't have the patience to be a very good patient.