11 April 2008

Grotto of the Betrayal

The wicked kiss given by Judas to our Lord happened here, or very near here. It would seem that such an act would curse the place forever, but some years ago, when we offered Mass in this cave, it seemed that we were helping to bring comfort to Christ, who had endured such an unspeakable crime.

It's an odd feeling, being in this place. It made me remember that as much as I despise Judas' act, too often I also have betrayed the Lord Jesus through my own sin. And too, by praying here and offering the Holy Sacrifice in this place, there is a real sense of making reparation for sins done and injuries inflicted.

I've visited this grotto on only one of our pilgrimages to the Holy Land. But I think I want to visit it again when we're there this next January.