18 December 2007

Singing their hearts out...

Hands down, our academy has one of the best music programs around. Every student learns to sing, and to sing well. They have the experience of daily Mass, which for them is always a Sung Mass, so they're accustomed to traditional chant, hymns, and real anthems. From third grade on, they take turns singing in the choir for Mass, so they understand the place of music as the "handmaid of the liturgy." We have an excellent music faculty, with Edmund Murray, Chalon Murray and Alfred Thigpen. Real professionals all, they not only teach music, but they instill a love for music in our children -- and I mean real music, not the warmed-over 60's and 70's stuff.

Anyway, here's a picture of our first and second graders at their Service of Nine Lessons and Carols which they presented today in the St. Anthony Hall. It's astonishing to me, to hear them singing descants and other two-part music, all beautifully and on pitch. If they're this good now, then I can't wait to hear them when they get into our Middle and Upper School choirs.