22 December 2007

An interesting discussion thread...

If you'd like to get in on an interesting discussion, pop over to Gerald Augustinus' blog, "The Cafeteria is Closed." He posted his thoughts about the abuse scandal, and kind of slid into a discussion of married priests. Mind you, when Gerald gets going, he can be rather "earthy," so it's not the sort of reading you'll want to do if you're looking for a sweet, spiritual uplift. But you might like to read through the comments, and have a look at the discussion about married Catholic clergy.

Although my situation is pretty well known, I've never pushed for a generally married priesthood in the Catholic Church. Anyway, those kinds of decisions are made by men in authority far above me. But I do find the discussion interesting, because it so often devolves to practical issues ("a married man couldn't give enough time," or "it would cost the parish too much money.") Or it exposes the residual of a certain brand of gnosticism ("a married man isn't as pure as a celibate man.") I think those are pathetic non-arguments, and have little to do with the crux of the question.

At any rate, it's an interesting discussion, which you can join in Gerald's comment box.