13 April 2007

I know it's Easter, but here's Palm Sunday...

I'd hoped to post these pictures from Palm Sunday earlier, but better late than never.

Here is a view of the High Altar and Rood Screen. The triptych is closed for Holy Week, giving a somber appearance to the sanctuary:

Below is a closer view of the triptych. The upper panels depict the Annunciation, which is the true beginning of Christ's Passion. The lower panels show angels holding various instruments of the Passion as they gaze at the tabernacle.

The next picture shows the Shrine Chapel of Our Lady. Before the image is the Intercession Book where hundreds of people write their prayers and requests, along with their thanks for prayers answered. In the foreground are blessed palms remaining after the four Masses that day.

The picture below shows the very beautiful vestments which are used only once a year on Palm Sunday. These passion red vestments had been discarded by the Ursuline Sisters, and we were fortunate to be able to salvage them before they went wherever old vestments go -- either to the trash or to Ebay.