04 April 2007

And so it begins...

Today is Spy Wednesday, surely the saddest day only after Good Friday itself, for this is the day on which we remember the betrayal of our Lord by one of His friends. The Golden Legend, written in 1275 by Jacobus de Voragine, makes the connection between Judas’ disgust over the anointing of Jesus with the precious nard, and the selling of his Master for thirty pieces of silver:

"Our Lord made Judas one of his apostles and retained him in his company, and was so privy with him that he was made his procurator, and bare the purse for all the other, and stole of that which was given to Christ. Then it happed that he was sorry and angry for the ointment that Mary Magdalene poured on the head and feet of our Lord Jesu Christ and said that it was worth three hundred pence, and said that so much he had lost, and therefore sold he Jesu Christ for thirty pence of that money usual, of which every penny was worth ten pence, and so he recovered three hundred pence. Or after that some say that he ought to have of all the gifts that was given to Jesu Christ the tenth penny, and so he recovered thirty pence of that he sold him, and nevertheless at the last he brought them again to the temple, and after hung himself in despair, and his body opened and cleft asunder and his bowels fell out. And so it appertained well that it should so be, for the mouth which God had kissed ought not to be defouled in touching, and also he ought not to die on the earth because all earthly creatures ought to hate him, but in the air where devils and wicked spirits be, because he had deserved to be in their company."

All this will be recalled this evening at Tenebrae. The psalms and the readings will be our eyes. Christ will be entering into the depths of His Passion, and we will be witness to the evil and filthy kiss of a false friend.