23 February 2007

Mixed company

I’ve heard privately from a number of people about my post concerning what I consider to be the recent irresponsible reporting in The Times of London. Quite simply, it was a false story about the reunion of Anglicans and Catholics under the leadership of the Pope, and the responses to the story used untold amounts of bandwidth, newsprint and ink.

One person even cautioned me that although he agreed with what I said, perhaps I should be careful about “ticking off” such a powerful religion reporter, especially since that very reporter had visited this blog and left a comment.

As of today, I’m in unexpected company. On the National Catholic Reporter website (not an address I usually visit) John L. Allen writes an article entitled “Irresponsible reporting on religion is dangerous.” He starts out by saying, “Normally I love writing this column, but this week I need to say something that gives me no pleasure at all. Here it is in a nutshell: Reporting on religion in the mainstream British press is not only sometimes dreadful, it's dangerous, and something needs to be done about it.”

It’s worth reading the whole article.